New Clothes for Dolls Part 2

Recently, I made new clothes for small rubber dolls I bought at an estate sale.  One of my readers, the “sew talented”  Samina of Sew Everything Blog, suggested I make some more.  I wasn’t planning on it, but….

I found some scraps of silk, satin, and lace for two new party dresses for the transformation of 2 three-inch little girl dolls who were looking a bit raggedy.

Polaroid of Old Dolls beforeOld clothes and new3 inch dolls re-clothed

Pretty as a picture.


2 thoughts on “New Clothes for Dolls Part 2

  1. seweverythingblog

    Awww. Thank you for mentioning me, and taking up my suggestion. The dresses are adorable! I did not know the dolls were just 3 inches!!


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