Strawberry Needlebook Project

I used my strawberry embroidery to make a needlebook!  It’s both decorative and very practical.  I had needles speared on little pieces of felt stashed all over the place that now have their own home, sweet home.Strawberry Embroidered Needlecase

I used this tutorial by Amy of Nana Company to make my needlebook with batting and hand quilting.  I also consulted her follow-up post, “Little Books”   which shows her many adorable little books and her revisions to the way she makes them.  I used the suggestion to change the opening for turning (which you later have to slip stitch closed) to the inside, but I didn’t want to omit a button on mine.

Quilting NeedlecaseI used my rotary pinking blade on the felt, and added a few pieces of trim to make it as pretty as can be.

Needlebook InteriorNeedlebook Interior with Rick-RackStrawberry Needlebook on Aida

I have these cute little craft frames that I got at Goodwill.  I’m thinking of using one  for the snowflake stitched on linen motif and stitching a few more.  As of yet, I have no plans for the free hand embroidered bird and flowers.
Small Frames for Stitchery

Amongst my old and new  paper needlebooks are two that are reminders of a different era – needlebooks given out as promotional items.  They  most likely date from the 1960s; one is from Speedee Mart 7/11 and the other is from Farmers Insurance.  This led me to think it would be fun to collect old needlebooks or other vintage sewing items.  Promotional Needlbooks and others

Do you have any sewing collections?

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