It’s a Wrap – Granny Square Afghan Completed

On March 2012 I gathered my yarn and began crocheting an afghan from a little booklet called “Farmhouse Crochet”.   I was newly enthused with granny squares and completed almost half of the squares.   And then I stopped.  Years passed.  Late last year, when I was organizing, I looked at my completed squares and partial skeins and decided it was worth finishing.  And I did!   But there were some challenges along the way.

Afghan on Porch Bench

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease, a 50% acrylic, 50% cotton blend in ten colors:  almond as the background color, and cherry, azalea, terracotta, seaspray, lime, violet, maize, candy blue, and taupe.  I randomly combined the colors without any pre-planning.

CottonEaseGrannyColors (800x600)

To get going again, I sat down and made first rounds ten at a time.  Slowly but surely, I added to my pile of squares, crocheting while watching TV.  Then my yarn started dwindling, and I worried about running out.  I did a quick search and discovered that almost all of the colors I used are discontinued.  I didn’t want to shorten the afghan so I continued, using every last bit. I even found tiny balls of a few colors that I had saved from when I knitted sweaters with them.

The squares alternate with big squares and four small squares sewed together into a square.  When I was running out of yarn, I changed 2 big squares to little squares because I didn’t have enough of any one color for the long rounds.  I also had to substitute some cream Sugar’n Cream yarn and fisherman color Wool-ease from my stash for the background color when I ran out.  You can see I used the last bit of yarn in the two squares below, not quite having enough to finish the round.  I think it gives it character, although these little details are hard to find when looking at the afghan as a whole.

Every scrap counts squares

Sewing  the squares together by whip stitch took several days.  I had already combined the four squares and weaved in most of the ends as I went, so that helped.

Stack of granny squares

Why was this project stalled for so long?  I realize that when I ran out of steam back in 2012 I wished I had chosen a different pattern and one or two colors.  The only time I had a pleasant time continuously crocheting was at the end when I crocheted a border around the whole thing.  It was just too much stop and start, and endless ends to weave in.

Whew!  I’m glad to cross this off my list!  I’ve known how to crochet since I was a teenager yet this is the first afghan I’ve ever completed.

Granny Square Afghan on Bed

Granny Square Afghan on Sofa

And the obligatory cat on afghan pic:

Cute Dog on Afghan

I had to improvise and change that up a little, too!

Do you have a long term unfinished project that you are still interested in completing?

10 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap – Granny Square Afghan Completed

  1. redbamsews

    What a beautiful way to use up left over yarn. Your designed worked out quite well. I like the squares that are made up of mini squares. Cool idea!

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Thanks – I put it on a list of projects I wanted to get done before, but this time I was very disciplined and stuck to a schedule of one big square or one 4-patch square per week.

  2. La

    Sooo Pretty. I do have a project on the same yarn you use for this project but I run out of it. And it has been sitting for a while. The yarn has been discontinued so I don’t know if I will finish it. I am for sure trying to make this afghan is just gorgeous.

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Thank you! You could try substituting another worsted weight cotton acrylic blend (if you can find one) or maybe just acrylic. It might be hard matching the colors, but the subbing can work out just fine. It did for me.


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