Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Puzzle To Sew

I have always liked puzzles.  Before I had a computer I enjoyed the paper and pencil puzzles in Games Magazine, and especially looked forward to the cartoon rebus contests.  I spent hours trying to get them all, but usually one or two would stump me.

I’ve played various computer games, and especially enjoy Strike a Match and Know it All on Boxerjam.    I love the Scrabble-like app on my tablet, and try my hand at the Sunday newspaper crossword.

So when I saw this Zip-Itself Tetrahedron Coin Purse tutorial on Craft Passion I was intrigued. Could I figure it out?  I cut a length of 5/8 inch ribbon, found a 22 inch zipper, a scrap for lining, a needle and thread, and began.

I didn’t have a 20 inch zipper called for in the tutorial so I used a 22 inch zipper, but I didn’t think to also increase the length of the ribbon. The hand sewing was awkward around the zipper turns, but I got it to zip up into a rectangle.  Then I tried to shape it, and figure out  how it closes.  I looked at the diagram but it just wasn’t clicking in my mind.

I came back to it the next day and realized that the long end of the zipper has to make another turn around then intersect the short end where the marking is for the hanging loop.  It worked! I carefully stitched in the lining to finish.

Mine is a little lopsided.  Can you see my mistake?

Solved! I will have to buy some more long zippers so I can try it with other ribbons.

New Year Thoughts

In 2012 I sewed my first wearable garment, my version of the free Sorbetto Top pattern.  I also did my first 2 refashions.  I learned how to make buttonholes, a centered zipper, how to use the automatic threader on my machine, and I practiced making french seams, mock french seams and felled seams.

I surprised myself by starting a blog!

My sewing and stitching goals for 2013 are:

To sew a dress. ~~~To sew a blouse with buttons, and another top. ~~~To sew some kitchen items. ~~~To alter my clothes to fit me better.~~~To put in an invisible zipper.~~~To refashion a winter skirt and a classic shirtdress that I thrifted. ~~~ To knit an accessory. ~~~To finish crocheting an afghan.~~~To sew some applique or pieced pictures to hang on wall~~~Embroidery.  And then more of the above.

I also want to learn how to use Pinterest.  I bookmark things I might want to make, but it would be much more helpful to see them laid out on a page with photos.  Previously I saw things on Pinterest I was interested in, but I couldn’t figure out how to get to the original tutorial or pattern and got frustrated.  When I clicked I just got another person’s board.  Maybe those were repins?

I want to learn how to take better photographs.  Some of my photos are blurry and I can’t take good close-ups.  I don’t know if that’s my fault or the camera’s fault.

And the resolution (oops, that word slipped out) that’s always on my list: to organize my things and my time better.  My output is small compared to others, but to actively create something myself instead of just spending my spare time reading or in other passive activities is a personal triumph.

Happy New Year!