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Best Witches for a Fun Halloween

I’ve always enjoyed the symbols of fall: especially leaves, pumpkins, apples, and scarecrows.  They are images often seen in folk art quilts.  It’s not cold at all today in southern California, and we’re not known for our change of seasons or brilliantly colored leaves, so I’m enjoying Halloween decorations.

Front Porch Wagon

Pepper Dressed Up: : “Ring the doorbell and I’ll show you scary!”

Electric Pumpkin on Ledge at Night

Starting Out with a Bite

I don’t have any technical knowledge to blog, but I’m jumping in anyway. Here goes:

I saw a tutorial two years ago for Ms Lipsie the Pocket Girl on liaspace,com I loved its creepy cuteness, and set out last week to make my own.  I had everything I needed except for the metal zipper, which I bought. I used a linen napkin for the face, and the part of my pants legs that I cut off to shorten them for the hair.  The zipper needed to be shortened from 7 to 5 inches.  I found this tutorial and set to work.  I removed the teeth without too much trouble, but had a hard time removing the stops.  Then I couldn’t replace them as I couldn’t open them at all.

I had never made a lined pouch before, and it was a puzzle for me to figure out.  At first I thought I would have to leave an opening in the head to turn it right side out, but then I realized you turn it through the open zipper.  The lining needed an opening for turning which had to be hand sewed.  Here’s my faithful version:

with an open mouth…

I stitched hair on the back of head…

and eating buttons…

Thank you Lia!