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Do I Need This Pattern?

This summer I tried to buy a pattern on sale on the Simplicity website, but it was no longer available.

I liked this pattern because it reminded me of the Rae pants from the book “Breaking the Pattern”. But the book is expensive and I find patterns hard to use from books, so I end up not making anything from them.

I like the partial elastic waist and I like the front slit, although I would probably make the conventional closed leg first as it’s more practical.

I bought the Simplicity pattern on EBay instead. I had a lot of fun with the bidding process when I joined EBay back in 2001, especially loving the excitement of last minute steals and the thrill of getting a bargain. Now bidders identities are hidden, and you can no longer check out their buying history. I know Etsy is also popular for patterns and fabric, but from habit I’m more likely to check EBay first. When I go shopping on the site, I usually find what I’m looking for and always find other things I like as well.

I ended up buying 3 more patterns.

The drawings looked so cute! Simplicity 2414 has drawstrings but no elastic for closure.

I already had Love Notions Allegro pattern.

So did I need more elastic waist or drawstring pants patterns?

Another example is the Hey June Handmade Willamette shirt, a cut-on sleeve, collared shirt with a back yoke which I own.

The Love Notions Melody pattern is another cut-on sleeve shirt, but without a back yoke. I saw it on sale for $5 for a pdf pattern.

The Closet Core patterns Kalle shirt is a very popular shirt with the same cut-on sleeve, although it does have several options that set it apart, including a curved faced hem. This pattern is also much more expensive at $16 for a pdf pattern.

But do I need another similar shirt pattern? In this case, no.

Besides the two pants patterns I also bought two top patterns on EBay.

New Look 6284 was selling at a low price, so I put in a bid. I lost it, but then that made me want it even more. I love the square neckline, and it looks ideal for hot weather without being too bare.

I also bought Simplicity 4122.

I liked the gathers instead of darts, and the curved yoke.

The point is I have enough patterns that I see many patterns that are similar to patterns I already own. I need to use and adapt more of the patterns I have instead of buying more. But I can’t resist the excitement and possibilities of a new pattern if I can get it at a good price.

Printed patterns are such perfect little packages in their envelopes, uncut, factory folded. I have so many, but often use a pdf pattern instead. I’m still trying to get over my fear of unfolding the tissue paper and then not being able to get it back in the envelope. This is especially a problem when there are several sheets of tissue paper. Well, I’ll just have to accept once I unfold the pattern sheets the perfect, flat pretty package won’t be the same, but I’ll be using the pattern for its intended purpose.

So, yes, I sometimes buy more patterns than I need just because I want them and they are on sale.


I just reached my 8 year anniversary blogging with WordPress. com. It was so easy starting the free blog, and I’ve never had any technical problems, or needed to have special knowledge. Then I logged on earlier this month and got an unwelcome change. WordPress changed the classic editor to a block editor, and I thought my blogging days were over. I couldn’t write a post and got the error messages “sorry, you’re not allowed to edit this post” and “this page not found” when I tried to preview a post. I troubleshooted, and here I am. I’m adapting, and I’m glad I can continue on with WordPress.