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Continuing on in 2016

Getting organized in the new year?  Me, too!

Desk Carousel for Sewing Supplies

I found this desk carousel at Target’s dollar spot for $3, and it is keeping my sewing work space much neater. And it twirls!

Fat Quarters to Go - Storage in zipper CD case

I have fat quarters to go! My fabric stash is growing, and my fat quarters needed some organization so I could see what I had.  This very inexpensive CD holder with zipper and straps lets me see them at a glance, and is portable to boot.  It’s about 22 inches long so a lot fits in there.

I was thinking about projects I want to finish this year. One, a crocheted afghan, was started back in 2012.  I asked myself why some projects languish, why others are completed, and what my motivation is for making things.

Continuing Projects to Finish in 2016

These are the factors I’m influenced by:

1)  Need or practical use.

Clothes fit into this category.  I have been especially motivated to make sleeveless woven tops, because I couldn’t find ones in the store that fit. In the future, I would like to try making pants, and other casual wear for home.

2)   Enjoyment and creativity.

Embroidery falls into this category, as well as quilting.  One thing I like about quilting is the fabric happiness from collecting and sewing with so many pretty and varied prints.

3) Furthering of skills or sense of accomplishment.

I like to learn how to execute, and even master new techniques.  In the future, I would like to complete some larger projects.

4) Variety.

I like following my enthusiasm  of the moment.  Sometimes I lose interest in a particular area of sewing or other needle art, but after taking a break I’m excited to get back to it.

5) Momentum.

This is involved with finishing a project.  I usually like to finish a project I’m working on.  When I set it aside, it’s hard for me to get back into it, or remember the details.  This is why I mainly do small projects.  I lost momentum on my crocheted afghan at about the halfway point, and I needed to figure out a strategy to finish it.

My first finished project of the year won’t be the afghan.  But I do have a strategy for working on it.  I realize that the reason I couldn’t garner any momentum was because of the nature of granny squares as opposed to a pattern like a ripple.  I couldn’t just pick it up and crochet another row, but had to start numerous squares from scratch.  The first round is hard for me; it’s small and hard to see where to put the hook.  So I decided to set aside time to concentrate and complete 10 first rounds at a time so I can later pick them up and work on them while relaxing at night.  I plan to crochet the granny squares until I’m finished or I run out of yarn.

How are your New Year plans going?