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2022 Sewing Goals and Make Nine

My Make Nine Challenge for 2022:

1) New Look A6284 – I love the square neckline, gathers, and all of the views, but I plan on making the short sleeve top with vintage fabric from an estate sale.

2) McCalls 6962 – I call this the butterfly top. It’s a shape that intrigues me yet might look big and awkward when worn. I hope a 2 yard cut is enough fabric or it might not get made. This is the line drawing:

3) Zero Waste Cropped Shirt by Birgitta Helmersson – This will be my first attempt at a zero waste pattern, although I’ve made a few other things without pattern pieces. I have a striped cotton/linen for this pattern.

4) Allegro by Love Notions – I’ve used this pattern before. This time I plan on making spring capris.

5) Quilt – This will be my year of the quilt; I actually have 3 in mind. I am excited about several different quilt-as-you-go techniques because I believe I will be able to finish a quilt (larger than a wall quilt) for the first time. I plan on a rag quilt with a flannel back, a stitch and flip with joining strips, and a strip quilt with 10 inch squares. I am going to make placemats or pillows to practice the techniques first. I also love the idea of a fusion quilt with quilted squares joined with crochet.

6) Nino Open Jacket – This is a free pattern from Fabrics Store that was called the Hana Kimono Jacket when I saved the pattern to my computer. They also have two other free jacket patterns I like: the Mariana Notched Collar and the Paola Workwear Jacket, so it depends on which pattern best suits my fabric. You must register with the website to download the free patterns.

7) Butterick 6683 – This is a caftan pattern. I like the top too, but am thinking of making the short caftan using another one of my rayon sarong rectangles.

8) Simplicity 2642 – I was thinking of making the short sleeved dress, but I might want to omit the elastic under the bust. The main motivation to make this is matching fabric I want to sew with this pattern.

9) McCalls 8029 – This is a cape. This looks like an easy pattern and the shape is interesting. It reminds me of when I used to wear a poncho in the early 70s.

Sewing goals and direction for 2022:

The main things on my mind are trying new things, and process over product.

Last year, I was very focused on making everything on my list, but this year’s list is just an example of patterns and ideas I find interesting, and may want to make. After the last 2 or 3 years of sewing, I don’t need hardly anything more to wear. My motivation is much more about having fabric and patterns I want to enjoy using, to experiment with various techniques, and using sewing and other needle arts and crafts as a creative outlet to pursue whatever strikes my fancy.

2021 Sewing

In 2021 I sewed 20 clothing items: 9 tops (3 woven, 6 knit), 3 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 dresses, a robe, a cardigan, and 2 refashioned dresses into tops.


This was my Make Nine Challenge:

How did I do? Well, here is my grid completed. Yes, I made them all, except I did cheat slightly and finish the black jeans, #3, a little bit into the new year.


#1, the cargo pants, were my worst make, as the fit was just awful. I think my prettiest make is #5, my floral cotton lawn top.

I also participated in several sewing challenges and bought a new computerized sewing machine.

How did I do on my sewing goals?

To use more of my printed patterns – not that good, but maybe next year.

To adapt more patterns – well, I tried with mixed results.

To use my serger more – still learning what it can do.

To work on a quilt – 2022 goals!

Sew less – I completed 4 embroidery/cross stitch projects, and I did take time out to get outside on a beautiful day, but I still sewed a lot!

I did use stash fabric, used fabric bits for sewing placemats and eyeglass cases, and continued to sew on most Saturday afternoons. I love to keep to a routine.

Next up: Make Nine 2022 and sewing goals.

Wrap Top McCalls L9505

A while back, I was asked if I wanted to join the Minerva Brand Ambassadors. I said yes.

Every month, I have been receiving an email with a large amount of fabrics to choose from. If I make a selection I receive the fabric that is available from my list for free, including shipping, in exchange for a blog post on Minerva within two months of receiving the fabric.

Receiving free fabric is another way for me to sew on a budget as well as participate in a sewing challenge. Many months passed because it’s not so easy for an indecisive person to make a selection. It helps to have a pattern in mind when choosing. I decided to ask for a knit fabric since I don’t have any in stash.

And I wrote my first post about sewing a top version of the wrap dress from McCalls L9505 with a rayon/spandex knit. I picked the pattern up this past spring at Wal-Mart.

This slinky knit was the first thing I sewed on my new machine. The stretchiness of the rayon knit fabric is nicely stabilized at the neckline with woven bias tape used as a facing. The print reminded me of a William Morris design. I think the scale, and the rust and navy colors are flattering on me.

I was excited to wear my new top (along with my stretchy ponte pants) out to lunch the first week of 2022.

This is the link to my post on Minerva. It is a big help to see what a fabric looks like sewn up in a garment when you are buying online.

I’m late with my wrap-up of 2021, and goals for 2022, but they’re coming up.