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Bunny Sewing Caddy

It’s spring and rabbits are all around.  Some are hopping around in nature, some are garden statues, some are chocolate or marshmallow bunnies, and some are plush stuffed bunnies.

Linen Bunny Face

I sew this cute bunny place card holders tutorial designed by Sharon, and sewed one up to be my sewing or embroidery caddy.

I used linen/cotton blend fabric repurposed from a jumper.  I added a little felt apron to the pocket for a needle, and a pencil shaped pocket for a tiny scissors or a seam ripper on back.

I made a yarn pom pom for the little cottontail.

Bunny Caddy with scissors

Bunny hopped outside to the garden.

bunny hopped outside

Bunny was having a hard time standing, so I made feet from felt sewn over cardboard.

Felt for Bunny Feet

Bunny Caddy with basket

Happy Spring!