Monthly Archives: April 2013

Too Much on my Shoulders

No, this isn’t about heavy issues. I have fitting woes due to having small shoulders compared to my bust size.  I tried to refashion  a short sleeved collared dress with shoulders so wide and deep that I couldn’t lift my arms, but I just couldn’t get it to work.  Setting in sleeves smoothly is hard!  I think I would have had to take the whole dress apart and remove the collar, so I ended up putting it aside.

I decided to tackle something I could finish.   The dress form mannequin pin cushion from DIY Dish.  Just a little sewing, stuffing, gluing, and finding an old candlestick to use as the base.

I used an old scrap of material for the body.  I think mine came out a little misshapen, and somehow the shapely curve of the bust disappeared.  The ribbon and button embellishment hides the lopsided shoulders.  Again, a problem with shoulders!

I have been enjoying using Pinterest to keep track of all the projects I might want to make, and the techniques I need to learn.  Next up: fitting a blouse from a tissue pattern.