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2021 Sewing

In 2021 I sewed 20 clothing items: 9 tops (3 woven, 6 knit), 3 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 dresses, a robe, a cardigan, and 2 refashioned dresses into tops.


This was my Make Nine Challenge:

How did I do? Well, here is my grid completed. Yes, I made them all, except I did cheat slightly and finish the black jeans, #3, a little bit into the new year.


#1, the cargo pants, were my worst make, as the fit was just awful. I think my prettiest make is #5, my floral cotton lawn top.

I also participated in several sewing challenges and bought a new computerized sewing machine.

How did I do on my sewing goals?

To use more of my printed patterns – not that good, but maybe next year.

To adapt more patterns – well, I tried with mixed results.

To use my serger more – still learning what it can do.

To work on a quilt – 2022 goals!

Sew less – I completed 4 embroidery/cross stitch projects, and I did take time out to get outside on a beautiful day, but I still sewed a lot!

I did use stash fabric, used fabric bits for sewing placemats and eyeglass cases, and continued to sew on most Saturday afternoons. I love to keep to a routine.

Next up: Make Nine 2022 and sewing goals.