Quick Summer Projects

The days and nights have been hot, and I lack the will to  concentrate!  But I did finish a few satisfying little projects.

First I had to deal with my squeaking machine.  My basic mechanical  Brother machine is not supposed to need oil. The only cleaning instructions in my manual are about removing the needle plate.  This was intimidating for me, but I put on my big girl pants and forged ahead.  I’ve sewn with this machine for 6 years, and have never done any maintenance.


In machines that take oil, there is an round opening in the middle of the bobbin race.

No more squeak!  And I managed to put all the pieces back together.


1) I had a few mock-ups of star quilt blocks in different sizes.

 I made two of them into potholders by using two to three layers of batting, putting wrong sides together and sewing, leaving a side partially open for turning.  Then I sewed around the perimeter, tucking the seam allowances in the open portion under, and inserting a handmade ribbon.  I put on the walking foot to quilt along the star lines.  


2) What is more appropriate as a sewing project for the dog days of summer than a dog accessory?

A while back, I sewed a traditional triangle bandana, and used my rolled hem foot for the first time.

First I read tutorials and practiced.  It took a lot of concentration and effort to keep the fabric feeding into the curl correctly. I think I would rather sew a hand rolled hem on this type of small item because sewing the two bias sides was a struggle.  The rolled hem foot would be a great time saver for long, straight sewing.

Several months back, I also sewed a few of the little reversible triangle bandanas with a top channel opening that slide onto the collar.

I’m especially happy with the latest bandana I tried: two reversible bib-like pieces that are finished on top with bias tape that extends to form ties. The name is hand embroidered with satin stitch.

My model was available to work for the price of a few treats.  Those eyes!


3) Three years ago I posted about trying sashiko embroidery for the first time, and stitched three pieces.  My idea for the piece stitched on cream satin was to make an envelope pouch, with the embroidered side folding over the pocket.  I’ve finally done just that, combining the embroidery with natural colored linen and an off white cotton lining.  I used bias binding on the pocket.  The rest of the raw edges are enclosed.  I hand stitched the opening closed that I used for turning the pouch right side out.

The pouch reminds me of the type of project found in a zakka sewing book.  I like it for its simplicity, combining beauty with utility.

These three projects have something in common:  they had been partially worked on or cut out but not completed.

I have also been embroidering, which I enjoy in the summer because a hot iron isn’t needed, and for its portability.

Does your making/sewing/crafting change or slow down in the summer?

10 thoughts on “Quick Summer Projects

  1. KerryCan

    What a great feeling, to finish projects that have been languishing. And they turned out so well, with lots of variety. The pup looks very proud in his bandana! My sewing has slowed to nearly nonexistent this summer, but I’m still weaving!

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Yes, things I meant to make can get overlooked for years! But not everything has to be finished, only things I really want to work on. Glad you are still finding the time and passion for weaving!

  2. seweverythingblog

    I love my rolled hem foot, and try to use it as much as possible. Tricky at first but great once you get the hang of it. Lovely projects! They’re what I call “little happy stuff”.

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Yes, I remember your phrase “little happy stuff”; that’s a great term! The rolled hem was a learning experience. I still have one foot I’ve never used; I think it’s a blind stitch foot.

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      It can take awhile to learn to use the feet, but it’s worth it to know your equipment. My dog is a great model now that I don’t expect him to work for free. He used to have “sleepy face” in photos, but all it takes is a few treats to get him motivated.

  3. lainzie

    How cute Sparky looks in her bandanas! I don’t slow down on my crafting in the summer, but do switch from wool to cotton.

  4. Elkee

    These projects came out lovely! And Sparky looks so cute in his bandana I may tackle this project just to see my doggies wearing something with their names on it.


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