Bird of Paradise Shirt Refashion

It’s another “I love this print” refashion.

I knew which thrift store shirt I wanted to make over to wear this spring.  The soft rayon print has big bird of paradise flowers and also a background of vertical blue stripes.  I like it even in its original XL size as an overshirt, although that armhole depth is super deep.

I used New Look 6598, the view on the bottom right with a collarless v-neck and short sleeves, for my pattern pieces. I like the way this style of shirt looks like a jacket.

I had to place the front piece in the best spot to use the existing button placket.  The problem that resulted was a large space in the middle of the bust with no buttons.  If I were sewing a shirt from scratch, a button would be placed at the fullness of the bust to prevent gaping.

What to do?  Lean closer and I’ll tell you: I sewed a secret button.

location of secret buttonhole

I sewed a buttonhole between the buttons and a button on the inside of the shirt on the buttonhole side of the placket. It is invisible when buttoned as the button is on the wrong side of the shirt.

I remembered seeing this technique on Handmade Jane’s blog. It works well, although my shirt should have more ease over the bust.

I sewed bust darts, and omitted the waist contour darts and the back tie. The v-neck was a little awkward so I also added the tiny neck button from the original shirt at the top of the shirt for more coverage.


12 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise Shirt Refashion

  1. Nancy Eitnier

    Great refashion. You’ve really inspired me to go to the nearby goodwill store and see what I can find to refashion. Keep up the great work!

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Thank you for your nice comment! I look for fabric I like (rayon or cotton) and a print or color that I like in a large or extra large men’s shirt, or a big woman’s dress. It’s a lot faster than trying on clothes for fit in the store if you have sewing skills.

  2. Elkee

    What an awesome print, I have sooo many oversized men’s hawaiian shirts that I just wear oversized because of the cute prints but I may have to try to refashion one you look gorgeous thanks for sharing this.


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