Tree Block Patchwork Pillow Part 2

Sometimes, I’m fussy about my makes.

I couldn’t stop thinking that the center of my pillow needed an improvement.

I drew a tree.  Fussy cut the tree from fabric.  Fussy pinned the tree to the pillow, first lower, then higher.  Finally my fussy voice said “OK, you got it”.

Drafting a Tree

Fussy Cut Tree

I hand appliqued the tree with ends turned under, and hand quilted around the tree.

Tree Block Pillow with Center Tree

Tree Block Pillow with Applique Tree

The bottom row doesn’t really show up because of the very plump pillow form.  So I thought the center was lacking and needed a focal point.

The before and after:

Tree Pillow Before and After

Much better!  If only all of my mistakes were so easy to make right.

Do you listen to your fussy voice until it’s satisfied or do you accept perceived flaws and call it a day?







2 thoughts on “Tree Block Patchwork Pillow Part 2

  1. KerryCan

    Oh, yes, much better! Regarding my own mistakes, I tend to ask “What would Mama do?” Both my grandmothers were productive, sensible women. They wanted things nice but they also had a lot to do and couldn’t fuss TOO much to make things perfect.

  2. Stitch It Again Post author

    I agree! In this case taking apart the pillow, which would have entailed removing the piping, would have been obsessive and annoying. A tweak by appliqueing the tree was sensible and enjoyable, too.
    You have a good guide- a Mama’s voice is wiser than a fussy voice.


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