Polka Dot Skirt Refashion

Who doesn’t like polka dots? I saw this rayon, black polka dot skirt at the thrift store, and immediately knew I could make a classic look with it.  The skirt has eight panels, and buttons up the front, with a 1 inch waistband with elastic in the back.  I had a generous amount of material to work with, which is never a bad thing.

Polka Dot Skirt Before and After (800x400)

Look at the size in comparison to another knee length skirt I refashioned.

A Tale of Two Skirts I decided to keep this job easy and simple!  Instead of removing the waistband, I just cut down the two side seams,  removing about 1 and 1/4 inches on each side.  I cut pockets from my remaining fabric, and resewed the side seams placing the inseam pockets 3 inches down from the waist.  I cut the length off of the bottom, and made a 1/2 inch double turned machine sewn hem.

Inside out Skirt

Inside Out View

I love the A-line shape – smooth at the waist and moderately flared at the hem.  I find this shape is the most flattering, and comfortable for me to wear, walk in, and sit down in.  No riding up! I think this skirt would be easy to copy: trace and cut 8 panels on the straight of grain, add pockets, a waistband, and buttons.

I’m wearing it with a fine gauge sweater shell.  I would like to wear more woven tops and blouses, so I intend on sewing a few.  My turnaround from buying this skirt to finishing it was very quick, because I wanted to wear it right away.  Due to gaining weight, and becoming more rounded, some of my skirts were getting too short! The fit had changed by the skirts riding a little higher on the waist, and having more to cover in the back.  I love my new cool, flowy polka dot skirt, and know I will wear it a lot.

What silhouette do you like in a skirt?  Please vote:

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