Fall Applique, Needlework, and Crafts

Inspired by Pinterest, I made several Fall and Halloween decorations this year.  I especially enjoyed rendering the classic jack o’lantern-faced pumpkin in different mediums: glass, wood, felt applique using a sewing machine, and cross stitch on linen.

Blockhead Pumpkins:

Happy Wooden Jack Pumpkins

A painted glass jar was surprisingly effective with a flickering light inside.

Glass Jar Pumpkin

I wanted to use some of the felt I picked up at a curbside for free.  This pillow worked up so quickly on the machine with the felt appliqued on black canvas. I decided to make the pillow two-sided just before I was about to sew it together.

Cross stitching this design on linen was easier wearing my new prescription glasses for close work, although I still needed the magnifying glass as well.

On Pins and Pumpkins Cross StitchHalloween Cross Stitch Pumpkin, Wood, and Nature's

Every project was finished with twine.  It was fun to branch out and create using natural objects in addition to my usual stitching.

Do you like to stick with one craft or experiment with many?

2 thoughts on “Fall Applique, Needlework, and Crafts

  1. KerryCan

    This stuff is great! I especially like the pillow and the cross stitch with that kind of demented-looking pumpkin! And, of course, I experiment with lots of crafts–I’d get bored sticking to one!


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