Video Sewing

There are times when I want to watch something other than dramas, comedies, news, or movies, and be both entertained and learn things related to sewing.  These are the free videos and programs I’ve found and enjoyed.

Let’s start with YouTube, which is a vast source of instructional videos.

Professor Pincushion

Professor Pincushion is a channel offering over 200 professional quality video tutorials  with information and  projects. A new video is released weekly.  There is even an android app which makes the videos easier to find.  Her voice and style is pleasant and upbeat, and the videos are clear and informative.

Amongst my favorites are “How to Create Patterns from Existing Clothing- Intermediate” and ” How to Sew a Hemstitch Using a Wing Needle”. The latter is an example of a technique I wouldn’t have searched for, because I didn’t even know about it!  I’ve since found out this is a technique used in heirloom sewing.

Fashion Sewing Blog TV 

Fashion Sewing Blog TV is a channel run by Colleen G Lea.  When I was looking up the different types of elastic waistlines I watched “Sewing an Elastic Waistband with No Casing”.  I also recently watched  “Forming Pintucks” about the 3 types of tucks.

The Crafty Gemini

The Crafty Gemini features Vanessa’s videos on sewing, gardening, and cooking.  I like her “Beginning Sewing Projects” videos.


For full episode TV shows I have found the following:

Sewing With Nancy

Sewing With Nancy originates from Wisconsin Public Television.  Nancy Zieman’s show features quilting as well as other sewing topics.

Project Runway

If you’re American, you have probably watched Project Runway.  But have you watched Project Runway Australia or Project Runway Canada?

Project Runway has aired thirteen seasons, as well as all-star editions,  on two different cable networks.  I was able to find seasons 1-9 available on YouTube.

The four seasons of Project Runway Australia are available on YouTube. When I starting watching Season 1 I had to look up the definition of “daggy” as it’s a word that came up repeatedly on the show.  Daggy is defined as not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool.  Daggy can also be more literally defined as not neat or unclean having to do with dirty wool matted around a sheep’s behind.   Besides learning new slang words, you will also find lots more fun and camaraderie than fighting among the contestants on this Australian version.

Project Runway Canada aired for 2 seasons and starred model Iman as the host.  She is a formidable presence and was tough on the designers.

Project Catwalk

Only two seasons were produced of Project Catwalk, the British version of Project Runway, which featured model and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Interestingly, Project Runway only lasted a few seasons in every country that aired its own version, but in the U.S. it goes on and on.

The Great British Sewing Bee 

The Great British Sewing Bee was a big sensation among sewing bloggers when it first aired. Tilly from the popular blog Tilly and the Buttons was a contestant.  I originally watched it on You Tube, but it has since been taken down. The 4 episodes are still available as of this writing through the link I provided.  I missed watching the second season, and I can’t currently find any viable links.


Craftsy has a few free sewing classes, and I’d recommend their paid classes as well.

The provided links for videos are current as of July 2014, but shows may only be available for a limited time from a listed source.

Do you have any video favorites or know of any TV shows I have missed?

8 thoughts on “Video Sewing

  1. KerryCan

    Your provide some wonderful links here! I had no idea how much was available–I’ll probably use all my time checking these out and not have any time left to actually make things! 😉

  2. jcjulieann

    An interesting post thank you for the links. I have used YouTube for crochet tutorials I found it helpful as I am self taught, i have picked up allot from my crochet books but to see someone actually showing a crochet stitch is even better. has lots of tutorials and not just for crochet. I also like to watch Debbie Shore who used to be on Create and Craft TV she has a blog as well as videos on YouTube for useful sewing lessons.

  3. seweverythingblog

    Great post, Lisa! I’m a die hard Project Runway fan since season one. Thanks for the links to the Australian, Canadian & British versions. I will be going there tonight to check them out — good bedtime viewing.
    I hope the Great American Sewing Bee is filming as we speak and hopefully will start airing soon. The British Bee does not seem to want US fans to have access unless some kind soul puts sundry episodes on YouTube,
    By the way, you should really try the hemstitching technique – I’ve done it on my own clothing and loved the blouse I used it on.

  4. Stitch It Again Post author

    Hi, Samina. I haven’t watched all of the Project Runway versions yet either. I especially enjoyed the personalities of the contestants on Australia Season 1. Also looking forward to the American Sewing Bee.
    I bought a wing needle, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m very intrigued by this technique.

    1. seweverythingblog

      I am going through the Australian Season 1 this week! Love it even though it’s from 2008. It’s like the American version but with an Australian accent. I will watch the finale tonight :). Also, it tickles me that the mentor Henry, is more animated than our Tim Gunn. I would not trade Tim Gunn for anyone else, though.

  5. Stitch It Again Post author

    Glad you are enjoying it! The formula works, but the personalities make the show. It feels weird to see someone other than Tim in the mentor role, doesn’t it?


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