Men’s White Shirt Refashion

While doing some cleaning and reorganizing I noticed that my container of thrift store clothes waiting for their makeover was overflowing.  Time to get to work!

I decided to start with a simple men’s white dress shirt.  It’s cotton with a subtle shadow stripe.  When refashioning a button-up shirt you have three choices: keep the buttons in front, turn it around and put the buttons in back, or eliminate the buttons altogether by cutting out the placket or sewing it up.

Ever since I saw I this fantastic  refashion from Carissa Knits, I knew I wanted to make one like it.  It was based on the free Sorbetto pattern, but with pintucks.  So it’ll be buttons in the back for my feminine blouse.

First I removed the pocket, cut off the sleeves and  the collar, and cut the shirt apart at the side seams.  I sewed in as many pintucks as the width of the shirt allowed.  I measured the width I would need by measuring across the modified Sorbetto pattern I had used before with the pleat folded away.  My previous modifications to the pattern were to make the shoulders wider and the neckline higher, and to enlarge the size of the bust dart and to change its placement.  I cut out my (new) front and back, and made bias binding for the neckline and armholes from one of the sleeves. I put my revised darts in the front, and two contour darts in the back. I used my rotary pinking blade to finish the seams.

White Blouse Pintucks

White Blouse Back

I wear sleeveless tops and shorts at home and for going out on my own time for about half of the year, but sometimes want to look more put together and presentable for going out than wearing a tank top. So now I have a basic blouse that will go with everything, and that I can accessorize. I’m ready for summer!


White Blouse with Scarf


4 thoughts on “Men’s White Shirt Refashion

  1. seweverythingblog

    You sure are ready for a stylish summer! I love the creative way you turned around the button placket. See, now you’ve got that whirling around in my head forever :). Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      I used to read refashioning tutorials and think the same thing! This one was relatively fast and easy. The part that took me the longest was measuring and pressing the pintucks.


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