Classic Blouse from Repurposed Skirt

Close up of Dotty Blouse

A while ago, a neighbor gave me some unwanted old clothes including a dotted silk pleated skirt.  It wasn’t really my style, but I thought it would make a terrific basic blouse.

Silk Pleated Skirt

First, I cut off the waistband, and cut at the side seams to give me two pieces of material to work with. I decided not to use the pleats and ironed the fabric flat.

Elastic Waist Removed I had previously printed out a very basic free pattern called Port Elizabeth with cap sleeves and no closures.  Although the top is boxy, I saw a version with shaping bust and waist darts added that I used for inspiration.   My blouse seemed to have plenty of ease until I sat down, which caused me to realize I have never thought about checking the “sitting fit” of a garment I’m making, and need to remember to do so in the future!Contour Darts

I decided I wanted to add a collar.  I considered a collar with a long tie, but had limited fabric left over so I drafted a peter pan collar. Of the three types of collars: flat, rolled, and standing,  a peter pan collar is classified as a flat collar. As usual, I  consulted books and online tutorials to understand the process.  I cut four curved pieces, added woven fusible interfacing to the underside, and then sewed the top and underside parts of the collar together, turned, and connected the two halves at the back of the neck.  I attached it to the right side of the blouse like in this Megan Nielsen tutorial.Bias Tape Pinned to Collar

Since I wasn’t using facing,  I sewed bias tape on top of the collar and then turned under and hand tacked it. Bias Tape Collar

My collar is a little too small and lopsided, and the seam is showing, but I like it.Imperfect CollarSilk Dotty BlouseI didn’t have any problems sewing with silk, but the cut edges became messy and unraveled, so good seam finishing is necessary.

2 thoughts on “Classic Blouse from Repurposed Skirt

  1. seweverythingblog

    Lisa, your blouse is fabulous! I specially love that another garment was re-purposed to make it. One question: what happens when you sit down in it. Does it pull in a certain way? Just curious…
    But, generally, it looks great on you 🙂

    1. Stitch It Again Post author

      Thank you! It’s a more sophisticated look than a tee and it evens dresses up a pair of nice shorts with wedge sandals. When I sit it becomes tighter so I’m glad I left just enough ease, and it left a deep wrinkle under the bust which I didn’t see until I got home.


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