Handmade Gifts Given and Received

Aspire each day to laugh and be happy!

Towel Holder: Aspire Each Day to Laugh and Be Happy

That’s the hopeful message printed on one of the towel toppers I made as gifts for Christmas.  I used this tutorial again, like I did in my Hanging out in the Kitchen post.

Towels Holder Apple and ChristmasTowel Topper Fruit Fabric Amazingly, I remembered how to sew the buttonholes.

I received  pretty crocheted potholders from a neighbor to whom I gave  a couple of my towel holders. They are perfectly made, and I love the ridges.  I found the pattern online on Ravelry as German potholders.  The description reads “Every girl born before 1938 in Germany had to learn how to make those in Elementary School – and was graded for this skill!  Traditionally, made in identical pairs”.  This accurately describes the giver of these potholders; I’ll have to ask her if she knows the pattern by heart.

Christmas PotholdersCrocheted Potholder

I also received a gift card in this beautifully handmade wallet.  Look at the pretty Asian themed fabric , the Japanese coin used as a faux closure,  the perfect stitching, and the many slots for cards. Interestingly, the maker of this wallet was also foreign born.

Japanese Fabric WalletJapanese Coin Fabric Handmade WalletWallet PocketsWallet PocketsAlthough I don’t have the identical pattern for this wallet, the following are some pattern options found on my free little projects page on Pinterest.

The Perfect Wallet

Necessities on the Go Mini Clutch

Mini Wallet

Gift Card Case or Business Card Holder

Do you like giving and/or receiving handmade gifts?

I wish you much happiness in your life, and in your creative adventures this year.

3 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts Given and Received

  1. seweverythingblog

    Lisa, thank you for the pattern link to the hanging dishtowel. I have one like that which is now ready to be discarded. Now, instead of taking it apart to create a pattern, I will use this one! Also, thanks to the blogger/seamstress who posted it on her site — I see that it’s from 2010! It’s a good thing………..


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