First Dress: The Good and The Bad

When I posted my completed dress I didn’t want to take away from my feeling of accomplishment by pointing out the flaws.  Now I want to review the problems I had, as well as the parts of the dress which were more successful.

Let’s start with the good:  the dress is not pulling over the bust due to the adjusted fit of the princess seam bodice , the interior is nice due to a full lining, the ease of stepping into the dress because of the long back zipper, the zipper works and is nearly invisible, the seams are well matched, and I finished.

The bad: the hang of the skirt; in the front it tends to form a fold right in the center like I’m wearing culottes.  It also forms an unflattering bulge that sticks out at the center when viewed from the side.


I’m holding out the skirt in the photos partially to try to camouflage this.  Sneaky me!


I think I may have caused this by cutting the skirt with a dip in the center instead of straight across.

On the back of the dress, I shortened the bodice but not enough and the seam line is dipping at the center.


But the part that looks the worst to me is the hang of the backside below the zipper where the fabric forms two indented triangles. I would have corrected it but I don’t know what I did wrong or how to fix it.  It really bothers me!  I’ve heard of a bubble at the end of an invisible zipper but what is this?  What can I do differently to get a smooth finish?  It makes me want to avoid another back zipped dress.

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