What Can You Make With Two Yards?

After washing my fabric for shrinkage, I took a measurement and was surprised that it was only 42 inches by 78 inches.  That’s a little over two yards when I was under the impression I had bought 3 yards.  It has both selvedges so I assume this started out as a 44 or 45 inch width.  That seems like a lot of shrinkage!  If the fabric started out as 2 1/4 yards then it shrank 2-3 inches in both directions.  When I first started  buying fabric I would buy 2 yards if I had a skirt or top in mind, even though I can make a sleeveless top with 1 yard and probably some skirts as well.  Three yards seems to me would be enough to make most knee length dresses.  Of course, if you buy fabric especially for a particular pattern you won’t have this problem and can follow the envelope yardage requirements.  But I bought some fabric willy-nilly a few years with only a vague idea of what I might use it for.

I tried laying out the pattern pieces and realized it wasn’t going to work. Although New Look 6020 can’t be made with only 2 yards, I decided to keep the princess bodice and change the 6 skirt panels of the pattern to a flared skirt with a single front and 2 back panels for a center zip.  I want to make a dress with this fabric!


I am going to line with a cotton lawn.  I’ve looked up how to line a sleeveless dress, and decided I’m going to use the method of leaving the side seams open on both the dress and the lining and then attaching at the neckline and armholes and turning right side out through the shoulders.  Hopefully, I’ll figure it out when I come to it.  I’m still tinkering with the bodice.  I have a new invisible zipper foot  and a 14 inch zipper,  which reaches my waist.

So , although I can’t make 6020 exactly as planned with 2 yards, it should still be enough to make a dress for me.

2 thoughts on “What Can You Make With Two Yards?

  1. ooobop!

    Far more satisfying to get a great dress out of ‘just enough’ than to be left with an odd size remnant! Well done. Looking forward to seeing the dress 🙂


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