A Pressing Matter

The iron I use most often is this General Electric Cat No 43F33  with a cloth covered cord.  It was made in the USA in Bridgeport, Connecticut circa late 1940s or early 1950s and has been in use ever since.   Its settings are SYN-RAY-WOOL-COT-LIN.  My mother ironed with it on a weekly basis while I was growing up.  I like its heft.  In comparison, other irons feel like toys.  I also have a steam iron I use as a backup.

I’ve never had a reason to stop using it.  Do you have something old or passed down that you use for sewing or other household activities?

2 thoughts on “A Pressing Matter

  1. emmalou91

    I often think what is passed down is loads better than some things you buy nowadays. I’ve just purchased a brand new Brother sewing machine (and though I love it to bits) its no where close to my mothers sewing machine that she’s had for nearly 30 years and is still working perfectly!


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