What My Mother Wore – 1942 3-piece separates

To say my mother lived in New York City is a little vague.  To be more exact she lived in Astoria, Queens during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.  Those were great years for her and she loved Astoria.  At that time Astoria was predominantly an Italian and German neighborhood.  As the daughter of Italian immigrants she fit right in.

Betty B 1942 NYC Park

During the World War II years,  austerity and utility were themes that were emphasized in women’s fashions.  When I think of the 1940s I think of  a severe look with shoulder pads like Joan Crawford wore.  But in looking at what my mother wore in the 1940s, I don’t get that same impression. I do see a tailored look, but it’s still soft and pretty with a contemporary knee length hemline.

Betty B 1942 NYC

This is a lovely but practical ensemble with a white blouse, high-waisted pleated skirt, and matching jacket with dark trim on the cuffs and down the center.  She is wearing dark gloves, a dark bow in her hair, button earrings, and classic spectator pumps.  She did a great deal of walking, but still wore high heels as she was obviously interested in being stylish and looking her best. I love this outfit- it’s perfection!

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