Paused For Technical Difficulties

When my four year old desktop computer started having problems, and I was getting “one of your disks needs to be checked for consistency”  messages I intended to have it fixed.  But when I couldn’t boot at all a few days later on Thanksgiving weekend,  I wondered if it wouldn’t be smarter to upgrade than repair.  I had my first computer for 8 years.  I made the mistake of replacing the hard drive a few times and didn’t realize how sadly out of date my machine was.  This time I decided to replace, and got a more powerful computer with ample memory and storage.  I was tired of always waiting and getting “not responding” messages, stopping scripts, and coming to a standstill whenever the antivirus software would update.

I don’t keep updated on technology enough.  I need to go into Best Buy more often.  I was still using a mouse with a rolling ball, and let me tell you, it was usually pretty jerky.  There are  optical mice,  laser mice and wireless mice.  I only installed a router and discovered wi-fi when I was given an Android tablet two months ago.  I thought tablets were just for reading books, and I’d rather read web pages.  When I read a book, I want an actual book.  And I’ve never had an I-anything or used a phone for other than making calls.

I’m happy I upgraded. My  new Dell came with Windows 8. Uh, wait a minute.  I have to learn how to do everything all over again?  What is the start screen for? How to close an app, how to shut down, how to find programs?  And why do you need an app for a website when you are on a desktop?  Oh, this is the operating system for touch devices but you are using it on a desktop.  I found swiping the corners for “charms” to be odd, but I caught on,  got things customized, got my data and photos back from Mozy, and I’m ready to go forward.

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