Help! My Amazon Cart Prices Have Gone Up

It’s the shopping season, and we’re all looking to get the best prices.  I have been an customer for a long time.  I even bought my sewing machine on Amazon when there was no sales tax.  I like putting items in the cart and saving them for later.  I hate it when I put something in the cart, and the next day the price has gone up!  I was considering buying a dress form, put it in the cart at $69.99, then saw it rise to $74, $76, and $78.  I wondered if there’s a way to stay ahead of the price fluctuations and get a good deal, especially since Amazon no longer has price protection.

I discovered the answer is a site called camel camel camel where you can track the price history of an item, and even set a desired price, and have an email alert sent when it reaches your price.

I saw the graph for my dress form.  Over a five month period, the price had ranged from a high of $99 to a low of $60, a $39 spread.

Do I really need it?  Where am I going to put it?  I won’t get it.  But wait, the price dropped.  The next day the price dropped again.  Maybe I should buy it.

I bought it for $64.

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